Since its establishment, RICOM has been deeply involved in the field of optics, benchmarking the world's top optics, actively exploring cutting-edge technologies, striving for excellence, and moving forward with courage. It has gone through many years of ups and downs.

Along the way, with the mission of "what the country needs is our goal", we insist on independent scientific and technological innovation, actively explore and practice the integrated development of dual-use technologies, cultivate outstanding technical talents, and lead Aspiring young people with a sense of mission participate in industry innovation and achieve leapfrog development.

There will be reverberations if engrave in your mind. In the unremitting struggle, RICOM has steadily developed towards the direction of "higher, farther, and clearer". This belief has strengthened our determination to integrate our personal career with national rejuvenation, connect it with national development, and unswervingly go to the end on the optical road.

The mission is on the shoulders, and the original intention is as solid as a rock. In the future, RICOM will continue to forge ahead steadily and firmly, with the spirit of "innovation regardless of background", create more precedents in the optical industry, and create new glories for China's optical industry , Contribute scientific and technological strength to the realization of the "two hundred years" and the promotion of "Chinese-style modernization"!

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